An Expert Look at Security Fencing

An Expert Look at Security Fencing

When it comes to commercial fencing needs, security fencing is generally pretty high on the list. Different facilities ultimately have different needs, and being able to cater to those needs is one of the most important elements of choosing and installing fencing.

Here, we take a look at the most common qualities and needs when it comes to commercial fencing. Read more below.

Climbing Prevention

No matter the type of facility you are securing, preventing climbing is a crucial designation for the fencing system. Proper security fencing should have details that deter climbing or prevent it completely. The goal is to keep people from breaching the perimeter.

There are many different fencing materials that help to implement anti-climbing technology. In addition, a facility could choose to add something like barbed wire or razor tape to the fence.

Security Fencing Materials

There are plenty of different materials to choose from in terms of commercial needs. Most commercial fencing providers avoid the use of traditional chain links in favor of more durable and secure solutions.

Some of the top solutions you might find include these:

  • Twinbar
  • Grigliato
  • Amego
  • Securite

Many of these fencing materials use steel or galvanized materials to ensure resistance for security purposes. Some materials are similar to chain link, but they have double crossed sections, which help to prevent climbing.

The right material for your fencing will depend on your needs, budget, and preferences.

Fence Height

For commercial purposes, fence height is often much taller than a residential fence. Height is typically added to help prevent climbing, but it also may be needed for additional privacy or security as well.

Height is a detail that can be fully customized to your specific needs. To determine the best height for your needs, it’s also important to consider fence materials, usage of the fence, and what you want to accomplish with the designated height.

Budgeting for Security Fencing

Planning costs for fencing needs is sometimes the most challenging aspect of the process. The good news is that you can likely find something that meets your needs within your budget. Most professional fencing companies will work with you to find the best range for your budget.

The costs will vary significantly based on multiple details. The customization factor could affect cost, but the type of materials and how many materials are needed will be the most substantial factor. Additions for security, such as a gate or keypad, will also add to the total cost.

The Right Choice for Security Fencing

When it comes to security fencing, there are many details to consider. These categories cover the basics of making an initial decision. Work with a qualified fencing company that can help you determine the best solutions for your facility’s security needs.

Every location is different, and your fencing details should be tailored to your facility and your preferences. Your commercial fence does not have to look the same as the building next door. Instead, it should be a solution that looks nice and secures your property to meet your expectations.

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